Sunday, August 2, 2009

Film Director Yasmin Dies

Yasmin Ahmad

Yasmin Ahmad died on July 25, 2009)when she was at 51.

Yasmin Ahmad left a legacy in film and advertisement with themes of love, family ties and comedy set against the backdrop of multiracial Malaysia.

Born in Johor on July 1 1958, Yasmin graduated in psychology from Newcastle University, Britain, and won local and international creativity awards.

Married to Abdullah Tan Yew Leong, she began her career as a copywriter with Ogilvy & Mather before joining Leo Burnett as joint creative director in 1993 and rose to become its creative executive director.

Her creativity could be seen in many Petronas commercials which evoked viewers' emotions, especially during Aidilfitri.

In the film industry, Yasmin's openness and boldness in analysing social issues drew much controversy. She was at the mercy of critics from when her first movie, Rabun, was screened in 2003 followed by Sepet (2004), Gubra (2006), Mukhsin (2006), Muallaf (2008) and Talentine (2009).

Despite the brickbats, she earned rave reviews for Sepet, which won Best Film and Best Original Screenplay at the 2005 Malaysian Film Festival.

Sepet also bagged the Asian Film Award at the Tokyo International Film Festival and the Grand Prix Award at the Creteil International Women's Film Festival in 2005. Gubra won Best Screenplay at the 2006 Malaysian Film Festival.

While leaving an indelible mark at home, Yasmin's movies gained international recognition as they were shown in Berlin, San Francisco, Singapore and at the Cannes Film Festival.

Source: New Sunday Times, July 26, 2009
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